Pitaya Filmes creates and produces exclusive audiovisual content regarding wildlife, expeditions and extreme sports in partnership with television channels, brands, vehicles, and other production companies all over the world. Bringing together a crew to captures the very best quality footage while climbing everest or diving cageless with many great white sharks is almost impossible and even dangerous if done by someone inexperienced.


 Karina Oliani founded Dragonfruit Productions in 2009. Since then, she is the executive producer and director of our main projects. Besides accomplishing new projects, Karina also presents most of them. She likes to shoot and pilot the drones in Pitaya productions.


Carlos Marcelo

Carlos Marcelo is a screenwriter, director and producer. Graduated in Film Studies at FAAP-SP, he works as a producer at Dragon Fruit Productions, helping to organize and structure Karina Oliani’s national and international productions in the most unusual places the world has to offer.
In addition to his work at Dragon Fruit Productions and being the writer/director for the short film “O Monstro”, and the producer and co-writer for the film “Uma Estranha Casa no Fim do Caminho”, he also makes Social Documentaries to NGOs such as Confraria do José e Casa da Sopa, while attempting to stablish himself as a Fiction scriptwriter.


Aline Amaral is a videomaker and a photographer – graduated in Radio and TV in Anhembi Morumbi University. She has already worked for channels like ESPN, NatGeo, OFF and Arte1, along with producers like Prodigo and Vice,  where she directed, recorded and edited lifestyle, sports and m documentaries and content.



Marcelo Rabelo

Marcelo has worked for over 20 years in the Financial Market, but he has always been passionate about photography and travelling. He’s been shotting in more than 30 countries – Russia, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Maldives, Mexico. Belize, South Africa, Thailand, Argentina, Norway, Venezuela, Thailand, Colombia, United States, Egypt, Morocco, Seychelles, New Zealand, Antarctica and Tanzania are only some of those places. Through his eyes and lenses he has been capturing wild life, outdoor sports and its culture and people from the most diverse places on the planet. Today, his Instagram account has over 240k followers, all of them seeking tips about unusual places to go or incredible things to do. He has had photos published in venues such as Rolling Stones, Go Outside, Estadão, Fantástico (Globo), OFF Channel, among others important national and international midias.

Andrei Polessi

Andrei Polessi is an art director, photographer, writer and Head of Branded Content at Pitaya Filmes . He has a BA in communication, and further specialisations from the UC Berkeley Extension and from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. With 25 years of experience in advertising and graphic design, he has been involved in hundreds of publishing projects for books, newspapers and magazines, surpassing the 400 mark. Developed branding projects – from visual ID, packaging, campaigns and films –, for companies like Johnson&Johnson, TRW, Bosch, Avery Dennison, Atilatte, Iochpe-Maxion, among others. Today, helps brands create valuable and pertinent content to their audience. He is a contributor to several magazines and websites, such as Go Outside Magazine, The Traveller and Extremos. Passionate traveller of less conventional destinations, he has always used photography as a language to create visual reports of his experiences around the world. Co-founder and now president of Dharma Institute, a NGO that promotes humanitarian aid around the globe, with permanent works in Nepal, India, Tanzania, Venezuela and Brazil.

Renato Hojda
Renato Hojda is a Filmmaker and Film Student at FAAP, working as an editor at Dragon Fruit Productions. He has edited episodes that aired at Channel OFF and several videos to brands such as Volvo, DJI & GoPro. He has been to Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Mexico, England, France, the United States and among other, constantly filming for his personal Youtube channel “Renato e o Mundo” (Renato & the World). Aside from editing, he loves photography and is a very creative person.


Alfredo Barroso grew up in the coral reefs of Havana, Cuba. After receiving a master degree in General Biology, he worked as a dive instructor in Cuba until he left to Canada in order to pursue his interest in underwater filming. He has worked as an underwater and topside camera operator for Natural History programs produced for BBC, also for documentaries for National Geographic, PBS, Discovery Channel and several other international productions. He films or contributes with his stock footage for educational and conservation projects. He has also filmed underwater for commercials for brands like Volkswagen, Gatorade and Gillette. He is also involved in Art projects about marine wildlife. He specializes in filming natural history.

Scott Simper – Director of photography – started his adventure life as a cowboy. This took him to cinema studies at the University of Utah. Scott’s Initial fund in stage management, sound engineering and theater lighting led him to camera operation. He was able to upgrade his art during the last 15 years, many of them lived in exotic places. Besides his overall experience on production, his skills as a mountaineer, alpinist, skier, kayaker and adventure runner, made him member of the team in places like Congo jungle, Arctic Area and up to the summit of the Everest Mountain. Scott won the Emmy prize for his camera work for Ford Ironman World Championship 2011 and a national prize of Media Museum for his work in the Utah Natural History Museum.

Jeff Cunningham – director of photography – since 1995 Jeff travels around the world in search for great adventure works, advertising, documentaries, and videoclips. He lives in Los Angeles. Fond of photography, he also seeks for unusual or wilderness places. At least once in a month he climbs mountains, which is his greatest passion.

Rick Baraff – Cameraman, adventure runner. Rick has travelled throughout the world to compete in the cooler and more difficult sport in the world, as well as to participate in original and uncommon projects during the last seven years. He was awarded with screenplay and adventure running prizes. “Think globally, act locally, and amuse yourself being aware of your impact”.


Thiago Lucena – Editor, post-producer and cameraman – fond of Winter sports, he was a ski instructor and now participates in many snow and mountain projects for TV and internet.