Branded Content is a unique way to promote your brand while you tell a good story to your audience, showcasing it in an interesting and stimulating way. With the shift of scenery leaning towards the digital world, this becomes most effective way to talk directly to your clients while offering them a relevant content.  



  The way in which a brand tells its story and relates to its customers has a direct influence in their perception and position in the market. Telling a story with emotion to a predetermined audience, today, goes way beyond having beautiful images, a nice soundtrack and a voice-over. It involves the relevance of the themes, the authenticity of the characters as much as the way the narratives flows; specially the real ones. Nowadays, all brands want to stablish a connection that is strong, long-lasting, unique and memorable with their customers. The conventional advertising- 30 seconds ads for TV- have long been losing their place in credibility and general public interest. The digital environment has started a new era in the brand-customer communication, and it goes through the storytelling. Marketing departments have been working in partnerships along with creative agencies and production companies to develop narratives that are relatable and relevant to the universe of the determined brand. It is the story that’s being told and even how the brand gets involved into this plot that can get to your emotional core and attract an even bigger audience. The customer seeks sensitive experiences in the consumption of a product, and this goes way beyond its physical attributes such as the material, technology or design. People want brands with which they can relate to in a positive manner, brands with which they can share empathy. Be it for a bigger purpose such as taking care of your community, be it for the respect regarding your origins, or even ecological causes, brands today have to deliver more than their product; they must deliver purpose, social responsibility and ethics. Being the “plug” between Brand goals, predetermined by the marketing decisions from the company and creative agency, is the role of a Production Company; professionals who keep the essence of the brand intact while still managing to amplify the construction of a pertinent and emotional narrative to the public-audience. Dragon Fruit Productions is specialized in structuring a screenplay that is efficient to different narratives, constantly seeking ideas and solutions to up the brand’s value while aligned with the strategic thinking of your company.  

CMH Heliski – Canada

CMH Heliski- Karina and Matt from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.




Fire n’Ice para Canon from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.


Expedição Halls no Everest from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.

Turismo oficial de Belize

Turismo em Belize from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.


Reel Gopro – 2014 from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.


SUPERJOBS LEGENDADO from Pitaya Filmes on Vimeo.